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Hospital Position Management Suite (HPM)

The Intelliworx HPM Suite addresses each aspect of the Hospital Position Management process

Provides an affordable, cost-effective, end-to-end solution. Embrace digital transformation to simplify complex management processes, streamline workflow, and keep stakeholders informed. Reduce spend and physical waste through cloud-based, sustainable SaaS solutions.

The Intelliworx HPM Suite encompasses each aspect of the Hospital Position Management process, Position Creation and Management, Candidate Recruitment, Onboarding, and Credential Management.

HPM Features

Hospital Position Creation and Management

A repository for all hospital job positions is created and populated, including immediate supervisors, other stakeholders, and credentials required. Implements a simple and flexible workflow for new staff position requests with justification. Each new position request is reviewed by appropriate parties.

Candidate Recruitment

Find and engage with potential candidates directly and with greater ease through eligibility surveys. Attracts candidates more swiftly by streamlining the process for posting open positions to third-party services. Captures details and documents required for credentialing.


Handles everything from the moment a candidate is identified for hire through the fulfillment of onboarding. Includes date driven issuance of Letters of Intent, Employment Contracts and Offer Letters. Collects critical data from the identified candidates for payroll, benefits and administrative tasks. Initiates task management workflow for provisioning equipment, security credentials, email, and facility assignments.

Hospital Credential Management

Data and documents necessary to manage the credentialing process are collected once. Workflow allows each participant in the credentialing process to have access to the information required to determine the results. Ensures credentialing requirements are submitted, assessed, tracked, and maintained, avoiding any gaps in the provision of medical care services due to lapsed licensure.


Prioritized security and protection of information. Intelliworx is dedicated to maintaining the dependability and security of data within its cloud-based HPM SaaS Platform.

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