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Intelliworx Healthcare Workforce Management

Intelliworx Healthcare

Manage the entire healthcare workforce lifecycle without the complexity and cost tied to large enterprise systems.

Intelliworx Healthcare provides the tools needed to avoid expenditures in paying third party recruiting firms to find physicians
Intelliworx Workforce Management provides the tools needed to avoid expenditures in paying third party recruiting firms to find physicians

Intelliworx Healthcare Workforce Management is an affordable solution created for small and rural healthcare systems. Our platform helps you efficiently manage candidates through full cycle recruitment and onboarding, with initial and continuous credential management. Minimize fees to third-party recruiting firms. 

How Does Intelliworx Healthcare Work?

Position Creation and Management

  • A library of healthcare job positions is easily configured and populated by standard data entry.
  • Eliminate the need for back and forth during Candidate Recruitment. Define details and documents to be captured for credentialing now.
  • A simple, flexible, and intelligent interview-based workflow facilitates the request and review of new staff positions in Intelliworx Healthcare Workforce Management.

Candidate Recruitment

  • Provides the tools needed to minimize paying third party recruiting firms to find physicians.
  • Reduce recruiting time by finding and engaging candidates through intelligent eligibility search assessments.
  • Streamline posting of job positions to third-party services.
  • Track candidates as they move through the hiring process.


  • Intelliworx Healthcare handles everything from the moment a candidate is selected for hire through the completion of onboarding requirements.
  • Minimizes the necessity for time-consuming follow up with stakeholders.

Credential Management

Data and documents necessary to manage the credentialing process are collected once. Credentialing requirements are submitted, assessed, tracked, and maintained, avoiding any gaps in the provision of medical care services and lost revenue due to lapsed licensure.

Intelliworx Healthcare is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for small hospitals that eliminates the complexity and cost tied to giant enterprise platforms.

Workforce Management Demo Registration

HWM Demo Registration for Feb 28 2024

Join us on Wednesday, February 28th at 1 pm Eastern Time for a no-pressure overview of our workflow automation solution and how it can help your facility get providers started faster and potentially increase revenue.

If your Zoom client requires last second updates, Zoom may not take you directly to the meeting after registration. Please check your email for your personalized meeting link.

During the demo, we’ll review:

  • Position Creation – Sets the foundation for communication, collaboration, and visibility throughout a candidate’s journey to becoming a provider at your facility.
  • Candidate Engagement – Makes sure the right candidate is being presented to the hiring manager.
  • Onboarding – Ensures the candidate is ready to go on day one and provides a smooth transition.
  • Dashboard – An efficient and easy-to-use dashboard that provides access to everything.

This 30-minute demo will take place on Jan. 10th at 1pm EST.