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21st Century IDEA

21st Century IDEA

Intelliworx Helps You Meet the Requirements
to Go Paperless

Easy to use is the best Customer Experience 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act

Intelliworx is expert in our ability to transform the unpleasant and inefficient process of collecting data, currently done through paper or online fillable forms into an easy and efficient automated process. Customer Experience (CX) means providing a solution that is easy to understand and use, in a way that provides the information the Organization needs, the first time.

Information has traditionally been collected using paper or online fillable forms. These forms are generally, hard to understand, collect more information than is required, and are the same for everyone.

Our Intelliworx platform has been designed to collect only the information required, using adaptive interview-flows that provide a positive Customer Experience for each user in the system. The information is collected as data and can be; reviewed according to how you do business, sent to other systems of record, and rendered to official documents as needed, on-demand.



The Intelliworx Platform is designed to replace the old data collection capabilities of your organizations forms. We automate the process behind every form, easily collecting the data in a way that is easy to review and capable of integrating with other organizational systems.


Intelliworx is a multi-tenant, enterprise level, multi-application platform that can share forms, workflows, data, users, and integrations across the organization.

Intuitive Interface

Data is collected through 508 compliant adaptive interview screens, each having context sensitive help that applies to the questions on that screen.


Each piece of information is collected only once and applied everywhere it is needed. The information required is uniquely collected for each user and applied to each process.


Since the information for a business process is collected as data, it can be rendered to any number of forms when required, on-demand.
Electronic signature capability is available for all forms.


Automatic email notifications and reminders make sure relevant staff and users know when to complete a required task, ensuring an efficiency in every process as well as when tasks are completed.


Since information is collected as data, the data can be transferred to any other system of record. Data in other systems can be integrated into each interview-flow to pre-populate the answers.

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