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Government Workflow Solutions

Intelliworx is in use by state governments and U.S. Federal Government agencies. Intelliworx has been serving the Federal and State Governments since 2003. 

Whether you’re part of a government agency or a privately-owned business, any of our Intelliworx SaaS platform modules can be used to in conjunction with one another to build a solution that addresses your unique business processes. 

Intelliworx built the preeminent cloud financial disclosure system for the U.S. federal government with over 60,000 OGE-450 and OGE-278 filers from dozens of agencies. Intelliworx Financial Disclosure (FDonline) provides a SaaS (Software as a Service), turnkey, e-filing solution for completing U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) financial disclosure forms.

Intelliworx Application Management System (AMS) has been designed to provide the capability for government organizations to automate their Application processes. It provides solutions for scholarships, grants, proposals, membership and other processes that collect and manage applications for offered services.

The platform collects the required information once, through intelligent interviews that are specific to each process and type of submitter. After an application has been submitted, the workflow process of Intelliworx Application Management System allows individuals, groups, and multiple reviews to be configured using simple and reusable templates. These templates are created to provide a unique experience for the end user, to be used in multiple scenarios, and to be reconfigured on the fly.

Fillable forms can be difficult to find, understand, complete, and return to the appropriate stakeholder. A form may ask for information that doesn’t pertain to the person completing it or the specific reason for needing it.

Automated Government Forms replaces standard fillable forms with easy to follow intelligent interview-flows that ask for only the information required, once.

Instead of searching for and completing a form(s), users are provided a menu for choosing ‘what’ they want to do, not what form to complete. This allows your organization to simplify the User Experience (UX) for users and stakeholders.

FDonline Specific Features


Easy for the filer and efficient for the reviewers.


Intelliworx collects and processes OGE-450, OGE-450A, OGE-278, OGE-278E, OGE-278T information for annual filers, new entrants, terminations, nominee filers, combination filers and transaction filings.

Intuitive Interface

The Intelliworx FDonline modules utilize an attractive, intuitive, Section 508 compliant interface to gather information from filers. The ability for past transactions to be carried over to future filings keeps duplication of data entry to an absolute minimum.


Generate organization-wide reports on financial disclosure activities including, for Federal customers, reports specifically designed to meet OGE requirements.

User Group

All U.S. federal government customers participate in a user group to ensure that FDonline is constantly improving to meet customer needs. This community also acts as a clearinghouse for information, ideas and best practices in government ethics.


FDonline is a SaaS product hosted within the secure Amazon GovCloud and is classified as FedRAMP Authorized.

Application Management Systems (AMS) and Automated Forms Features


The Intelliworx platform is setup to share processes, forms, and data across entire organizations.

Forms Generation

All your organization’s forms can be uploaded to the Intelliworx app via drag and drop from your desktop where they are automatically captured and mapped. Each field is then turned into a data element and stored in the data dictionary. Collected data can be rendered to the appropriate form when required, on-demand, and be used to populate multiple forms in each process.


Intelliworx will partner with your organization to create intelligent interview questions from the mapped fields. Intelliworx will partner with you to create complete solutions based on your organization’s form needs.

Intuitive Interface

Data is collected through intelligent interviews that are 508 compliant and easy to understand. Each page has context sensitive text to help users to understand what and why information is being collected.

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