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Automated Forms

Automated Forms

The Solution for Replacing Paper and Fillable Forms

A good User Experience (UX) starts with an easy and straight forward way of collecting the information that your organization needs. Fillable forms can be difficult to find, understand, complete, and return to the appropriate stakeholder. The instructions can be confusing, and the form can ask for information that doesn’t pertain to the person completing it or the specific reason for needing it.

Intelliworx seeks to replace fillable forms as the method for collecting the information your organization needs and uses, with easy to follow intelligent interview-flows that asks for only the information required.

Instead of searching for and completing a form(s), our Intelliworx platform gives your users a menu for choosing ‘what’ they want to do, not what form to complete. This allows your organization to provide a unique User Experience unlike any other.



The Intelliworx platform is setup to share processes, forms, and data across the entire organization.

Forms Generation

All your organization’s forms can be uploaded into the Intelliworx application by dragging and dropping them onto the platform desktop where they are automatically captured and mapped. Each field is then turned into a data element and stored in the organizations data dictionary.


The platform allows your organization to create intelligent interview questions from the mapped fields. Intelliworx will partner with you to create complete solutions based on your organization’s forms.

Intuitive Interface

Data is collected through intelligent interviews that are 508 compliant and easy to understand. Each page has context sensitive text to help users to understand why information is being collected.

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