Our expertise is connecting people.

The Intelliworx Leadership Team has decades of experience in public and private sector technology and management.  Whether through technology or process, Intelliworx can help you build relationships, efficiencies and trust with the persons who bring the actual value to your organization: your employees.

Rob Hankey Co-Founder and CEO

Rob is the CEO of Intelliworx and cofounded the company in 2003 to help government agencies automate their employee life cycle processes. Rob is responsible for setting and implementing the business strategy of Intelliworx; also ensuring Intelliworx provides the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. Rob has a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and a MS in Engineering and Process management. Prior to a career in government contracting and business ownership, Rob spent 22 years as an officer and aviator in the US Army. Rob has served the US Government for 40 years, allowing him to understand the complexities associated with government administrative processes, compliance and security mandates.

Tom Riley COO

Tom is the Chief of Client Operations for Intelliworx. He has over 30 years of client service consulting and project management experience for a wide variety of clients, ranging from small, privately held companies to Fortune 500 firms. Tom manages the client operations and the coordination of long-range projects, which involves interfacing with clients, partners and internal resources. His leadership abilities, exceptional organizational skills, and conviction that “client relationships matter” is valued by Intelliworx and clients alike.

Scott Coldwell CTO

Scott is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect at Intelliworx. He has over 15 years’ experience in software design and architecture. Scott is responsible for designing, developing and managing our ‘Intelliworx Platform’ on which our web-based software solutions are based. He is an innovator and is tireless in his dedication to providing quality business solutions to customers. Scott is also an avid musician and recording engineer.

Leanne Hankey CBO, CHRO

Leanne is the Chief of Business Operations at Intelliworx and has been involved with the company since its inception in 2003. She runs the company’s daily business operations, as well as human resources. Leanne previously worked as HR Manager for partner company, Innovative Management Concepts. This, along with her PhD level studies and experience in International and Community Development (specializing in capacity building), provides Intelliworx with a ‘people-centered approach’ to business and employee relations.