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Intelliworx + FedRAMP

Intelliworx is FedRAMP Authorized

This Intelliworx Platform is cloud-based and hosted within the Amazon GovCloud. We and our clients use this platform to process large amounts of sensitive and PII data. A key part to any cloud-based platform and SaaS applications is ensuring their  security and the security of the information being collected and processed. 

For SaaS systems in use by the U.S. Federal government, this means obtaining a FedRAMP authorization. FedRAMP has become both a requirement and the gold standard for government agencies that wish to leverage the benefits of cost-effective and cutting-edge cloud systems developed by private industry.

Intelliworx began the process of implementing our Platform in the summer of 2016 and getting it authorized to FedRAMP, NIST 800.53, and other relevant standards. By Spring of 2018, we earned an ATO from our agency sponsor, the U.S. Department of the Interior. In August of 2018, the Intelliworx Cloud platform achieved its FedRAMP authorized designation.

The Platform now has 20+ ATOs and handles and processes thousands of employee and citizen records and over a Terabyte of sensitive and PII information. Our primary goal is to keep our client’s data safe and secure and give access to only those individuals who need it.


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