The Intelliworx Platform

Automate and improve any business process you can imagine.

How It Works...

There are five modules. Each have been designed to provide valuable functionality. They work together to create an extremely powerful platform.

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Data Collection

Use intelligent data collection to simplify the gathering and submission of information for your stakeholders.

Information being submitted is done through easy to understand questions, asking for information only once. Submitted information can be rendered to any number of forms in your library, simultaneously.


  • Collect data for every type of form (simple or complex) and multi-form processes
  • Unlimited number of forms in a custom library
  • Intelligent action-based interviews
  • Digital signatures for compliant forms
  • PDF document population

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Screenshot of Intelliworx Workflow Configuration

Process Automation

Streamline and improve any business process with on-the-fly workflow configuration and automation.

With our task driven workflow engine, you can easily automate dynamic data collection and business workflow processes by selecting known tasks, rather than drawing diagrams. You’ll have the power to transform complex and time consuming tasks to those that are easy and efficient.


  • User friendly dashboards
  • Task and sub-task details
  • Status details
  • Easily obtain information from third party systems
  • Administratively review, approve, and digitally sign documents
Screenshot of Intelliworx Workflow Configuration

Triggered Engagement

Make communication a priority.

Keep people engaged during any task or process with our notification capabilities.


  • Task triggered notifications and reminders
  • Easy to set up and change on the fly
  • Configurable email templates for non-secure, non-PII communication
  • Configurable letter templates for secure, PII communication
Screenshot of Intelliworx Email Template Feature

Integration Services

Need to connect to other systems?

Have your system seamlessly send, receive, and store information.


  • Can be a modern front-end to your legacy system
  • Platform applications can be Systems of Record
  • Connectivity with external systems
  • Configurable system to system Data Mapping Tables
Screenshot of Integration Queue


Your security is our priority.

We work hard to keep your information safe and secure.


  • Role/permission based access control
  • Ability to support any kind of organizational hierarchy
  • Ability to integrate with identity providers for SSO
  • FedRAMP moderate authorization with multiple current ATOs

Additional Features

Our platform can do more for your organization.

  • Custom Reporting
  • Fully configurable email and letter templates with mail merge functionality
  • Learning and Knowledge Assessment
  • Conditional Help and Documentation
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Data Storage and Records Management