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Intelliworx Application Management System (AMS)

Manage all your Application Processes

The Intelliworx Application Management System platform has been designed to provide the capability for organizations to automate their Application processes. Solutions for Scholarships, Grants, proposals, membership and other processes that collect and manage applications for offered services.

AMS brings the entire application management process into a single, secure location. Application Management System ensures forms are completed electronically, legible, require minimal data entry, and are managed throughout the entire apply, award, fund, report, and closeout lifecycle. AMS provides the best opportunity for applicant consideration through simplification of the submission and review process.



Information is collected once, then used as needed to fulfill any additional requirements.

Forms Generation

Collected data can be rendered to the appropriate form when required, on-demand. Collected data can be used to populate multiple forms in each process.

Ease of Use

AMS guides applicants through an easy to follow submission process. Clear instructions, helpful information links and reference documents are provided to facilitate understanding.

No More Incomplete Applications

Built-in logic guides the applicant through the process. No more applications with missing information and documentation. 

Internal Communication

Your office will be able to review and approve submissions, removing unnecessary, time-consuming parts of the process. Non-essential communication is phased out.

Enrollee Communication

Enrollees are notified anytime a compliance deadline is near, allowing ample time and opportunity to submit any information necessary to remain a part of the program.

Multiple Applicant Types

Are there multiple applicant types in your program? Application Management System provides pre-configured document sets for each, reducing the burden for determining the appropriate forms necessary.

Digital Experience (DX)

21st Century IDEA and Section 508 compliant. AMS is mobile first. Fully accessible. Simple, seamless and secure.


  • Intelliworx builds SaaS platforms in use by the U.S. Federal government and has FedRAMP authorization. FedRAMP is the gold standard for security and privacy for government agencies. We apply this same level of dedication to our private-sector clients. Our priority is to keep client data safe and secure within our cloud-based Intelliworx Healthcare platform.

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