7 takeaways from OMB’s 21st Century IDEA guidance [OMB M-23-22]

OMB’s new guidance to Federal agencies for implementing the 21st Century IDEA emphasizes rebuilding trust in government by improving the digital experience of its websites and apps by Intelliworx If you can’t find the information you are looking for on a website it erodes trust. The same is true if the information you do find is outdated or conflicting. That’s a problem the U.S. government is striving to address on its digital properties.  Trust in government is at an all-time low, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual global survey. It found people trust business and non-governmental organizations more than they trust the government – and it’s been trending in this direction for years.   So, the digital experience (DX) – the interactions citizens have with government websites and apps – impacts trust. Fixing the issues isn’t a panacea, but it will go a long way toward rebuilding trust.  […]