7 financial disclosure tools government ethics shops need to streamline conflict review

Agencies review tens of thousands of financial disclosure forms from civil servants every year, here’s how 39 agencies have made things easier for their ethics offices by Intelliworx Every year ethics offices around the government face a time crunch during the financial disclosure period. That’s when lawyers and compliance officials sort through tens of thousands of disclosure forms submitted by civil servants looking for conflicts of interest.  While only the most senior government employees are typically required to do this, it still amounts to hundreds of thousands of forms. In the last six years, Intelliworx has helped 39 government ethics offices process more than half a million financial disclosure forms.  Why are we involved? We built a software platform that not only digitizes financial disclosure forms (including OGE-450 and OGE-278) but also digitizes the entire process – from data collection to review and approval. That makes it easier for civil […]