20 telework tips for government agencies, leaders and individual contributors

Here’s a well-researched list of ideas stemming from government, human resources and consulting firms for running effective telework, remote and hybrid offices via Intelliworx The current debate over teleworking in government primarily centers on where work is performed. Whether your personal inclinations favor telework or not – that’s the wrong focus. A better debate would center on productivity, as our CEO Rob Hankey wrote recently for Government Executive.  The pandemic that necessitated telework is long over, but it’s had a lasting impact. In the years since, we’ve had a lot of time to experiment with telework programs – and document some of the best practices.  Recently, we canvassed telework management ideas stemming from government agencies, human resources experts and consulting firms. We’ve organized what we found into 20 tips that are segmented into three sections: Telework tips for agencies and policy; Telework tips for leaders and managers; and Telework tips […]