Proactive accountability is the key to telework in the federal government

Nearly 60% of the federal workforce works remotely today; here’s the gist of what agencies need to demonstrate the value of telecommuting by Intelliworx  The debate over telework has reached new heights. Some folks are for it – others are against it – and few seem to be giving up any space for compromise. In the interim, federal agencies are stuck juggling competing interests from employees, leaders and politicians. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a recent example. Following pressure from Congress and the Administration, it began pressing employees to return to the office last year. However, they have recently backed off following union pressure.  In response to that pressure, the FAA is proposing a hybrid model. It requires employees assigned to FAA headquarters to work in the office at least four days every two weeks. Many other agencies are moving to put similar requirements in place.  Two years of […]