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Easily and efficiently manage the registration and renewals of telework eligible employees.

Teleworx lets agencies quickly and efficiently manage telework eligible employees through initiation, validation, and maintenance. It's easy for reviewers and approvers to fully comply with government guidance and policies while providing accountability, efficiency, justification, oversight, and transparency.

Telework is an incredible virtue for any organization that wants to attract the best and brightest to its mission. However, it also represents a new set of challenges, especially when the demand for justification and accountability is high and under increased scrutiny.

Communication, collaboration, and accountability have become more important than ever before. Teleworx allows managing officers and coordinators to collect the required information from eligible employees once and review it to initiate or validate registration and management.

Our telework SaaS solution takes employees through the enrollment process, collecting required info once and in a logical order, including confirmation of eligibility, completion of training, remote workspace compliance verification, and anticipated schedule. Employee registration and renewal can be done from the office or home through an intuitive step-by-step interview, with context-sensitive help on each browser screen.

Teleworx empowers supervisors and program offices with comprehensive oversight capabilities. They can easily review employee-submitted enrollment documents and approval reports, enabling them to effectively monitor enrollment and ensure compliance.

Telework Features


Teleworx manages teleworker registration, agreements, sets schedules and enables contact during emergencies.


Teleworx allows organizations to clarify policy assumptions around communication, response times, equipment, remote environment and expenses.


Use our teleworking application independently or integrate it with the rest of the Intelliworx platform for a complete end-to-end employee lifecycle solution.

Intuitive Interface

All Intelliworx applications use an attractive, intuitive, 21st Century IDEA, Section 508 compliant interface to gather information from teleworkers as needed. Then use that information to populate pre-existing forms or other HR information systems.


Automatic email notifications make sure relevant staff know when to complete a required tasks such as a new employee agreements and annual renewals.


Generate organization-wide reports on enrollment and compliance.


The Intelliworx Platform can integrate and share data with a large number of 3rd party HR information systems, payroll providers, eLearning platforms and asset management systems. For U.S. federal government agencies, Intelliworx: Teleworx can also integrate with OPM’s eOPF system and government shared service centers.

Be proactive. Standardize, manage and account for all teleworkers.


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