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Application Management System

Intelliworx Application Management System (AMS)

Manage all your Application Processes

The Intelliworx platform has been designed to provide the capability for organizations to automate their Application processes. Solutions for Scholarships, Grants, proposals, membership and other processes that collect and manage applications for offered services.

The platform collects the required information through intelligent interviews that are specific to each process and type of submitter. Once an application has been submitted, the workflow process allows individuals, groups, and multiple reviews to be configured using simple and reusable templates. These templates are created to provide a unique experience for the end user, be used in multiple scenarios, and reconfigured on the fly.



The Intelliworx platform is designed to share forms and data across multiple processes.

Forms Generation

Collected data can be rendered to the appropriate form when required, on-demand. Collected data can be used to populate multiple forms in each process.


Intelliworx will partner with your organization to create complete solutions based on your unique needs.

Intuitive Interface

Data is collected through intelligent interviews that are 508 compliant and easy to understand. Each page has context sensitive text to help users to understand what and why information is being collected.

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