The top recruiting challenges facing rural hospitals [and ideas for overcoming them]

Survey research finds the lower cost of living, greater autonomy and a higher sense of fulfillment are attractive characteristics rural healthcare facilities should pitch to prospective provider candidates  by Intelliworx  Rural healthcare facilities are under financial pressure. At the end of 2022, the American Hospital Association (AHA) reported 136 rural hospitals closed between 2010 and 2021.  The trend hasn’t slowed down either. As we turned the corner on the New Year, another 88 hospitals, many of which are rural, shuttered or cut back on the healthcare services offered.  There are many reasons why this is happening. One significant factor is that rural facilities struggle to attract talent, such as physicians, physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs).    A periodic survey – Rural Physician Recruitment and Staffing Survey Results – by Jackson Physician Search does well to quantify some of the challenges and propose some ideas for overcoming them. Below are […]